001: Rob & Cynthia; mission president drama, revelation doubts, heartbreaking life events and loss of faith

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In this first episode we follow the journey of Rob & Cynthia. Rob grew up in the church in the US and Cynthia joined as a teenager in Australia after encountering the missionaries. Both of them served missions, and afterwards got married in Utah. Cynthia nannied for a prominent LDS family. Rob’s doubts started early but didn’t cause outright disbelief until much later on. For years of their marriage and family life a “belief differential” caused contention and heartache. They share the story of one of their daughters being sexually abused at church by one of the young men and later on the passing of another daughter due to cystic fibrosis. They share how the church refused to offer financial assistance at multiple times notwithstanding their tithe paying commitment. Finally we end with where they are today emotionally and spiritually, as well as the many lessons learned along the way.

This episode is available both on YouTube here and MP3 through this link or through the podcast feed.

Here’s an index of the major topics covered in the interview:

0:03:10High level intro of Rob & Cynthia’s journey
0:08:02Rob growing up in the church, mission, positive experiences and doubts. 
0:37:59Rob’s experience acting in a church pagent before his mission
0:44:49Rob’s mission
1:00:35Cynthia’s story of joining the church as a teenager from two missionaries. 
1:06:26Cynthia’s mission, including her mission president’s ridiculous accusations against her
1:34:45How Cynthia & Rob met & got married
1:44:01Cynthia’s experience nannying for a prominent LDS family, Rob’s doubts about certain callings after discovered affairs among the family
2:05:07Contention in their marriage due to belief differential
2:23:45Rob’s final callings and last straw before disbelief
2:32:04One of their daughter’s revelation about being sexually assaulted at church by a young man
2:41:04One of their daughter’s Cystic Fibrosis illness and passing away, church’s stance on financial matters, trivialising death in the church
3:12:00Cynthia’s faith breaking down after multiple family crises and lack of support
3:14:52Moving on, Mormon Stories, taking control of underwear
3:26:27Where Rob & Cynthia are at today

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